The Moy Ridgepool & Salmon Weir, Ballina, Co Mayo, Ireland

Famous Faces of Ballina


Famous Faces 

at Ballina Manor Hotel, Mayo

Ballina may be small town in the west of Ireland but it’s people have made a big impact across the globe. Ballina is associated and recognised as home to many powerful and influential characters near and far.

Check out the below list for some of these famous faces:

  • Ireland’s first female President Mary Robinson hails from the town and her childhood home is only a short distance from the Ballina Manor Hotel.
  • A local businessman and Irish history enthusiast Jackie Clarke held Ireland’s largest collection of original artefacts which are all housed in the Jackie Clarke Collection
  • Ireland football manager and keen fisherman Jack Charlton adopted Ballina as a second home and is fondly remembered by the town
  • An Irish aeronautical engineer and an award winning STEM advocate from Ballina, Co. Mayo Norah Patten is expected to be Ireland’s first female astronaut

  • Current 46th President of the United States Joe Biden has traced his ancestral roots to Ballina